Hills, love ’em or hate ’em?

As a former flat lander, I’ve always hated hills, they would destroy me.  So I was dreading my move south and having to deal with hills on a regular basis.  But now that I’ve been running for a few days with hills, I’m finding that I actually enjoy them.  They really help break up a run, power up a hill, fly down the backside, it turns into a game almost.

I’ve always read that hills will make you stronger, which I’m sure is true, so that will be a nice benefit.  I can already feel some new soreness from my body adapting to the new stresses, which is good.  The only way to improve is to stress your body and allow it to adapt, so new stresses are always good (with the usual caveat of not overdoing it, of course).

Speaking of new stresses, I’m really looking forward to checking out some of the local trails later this week.  From my research they appear to be more technical than the trails I used to run, which were pretty much just flat dirt paths, so that should be really interesting.  There are a few races that I will be returning to Virginia to run, specifically my goal trail 50k this winter, so I’m hoping that all of these hills and more difficult trails will give me an edge against my former fellow flat landers. 🙂

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